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Crack Repair

Do you have cracks in your foundation that you would like to repair? ADJA Mini Excavation is the Company for you. We have the skills required to meet your needs. With the help of the latest technology in the industry, such as, injection of polymer, our specialists in crack repairs will give you a high quality job and guarantee you optimal results.
We can ensure you that after the job is done, water infiltration will no longer be a problem and in the long run, prevent soil contamination and blocked drains.

We have the knowledge to evaluate your problems and propose the right solutions offered by our Company at a competitive price.
The foundation of a building is exposed to different environmental changes and soil movement due to freeze and thaw or shortage of water, so, very often, cracks can be found on foundations due to these changes. It is extremely important to do a seal job because of the risk of air proliferation, insects, moulds or water infiltration. In short, it is very important to call a company specializing in crack repairs, such as ADJA Mini Excavation. We will do a high quality, satisfying job that will meet your expectations. In the ongoing work, our experts will proceed with injection of polymer or high density epoxy, according to what is needed. To waterproof a crack, a waterproof membrane and/or a self adjusting, high density  polyethylene membrane will be used.We also install Platon membrane (Delta MS).

Whether you’re from the Montérégie area, Montreal, Vercheres, St-Jean-sur-Richelieu or Chateauguay, please contact us to discuss your problem with one of our specialists in crack repairs and get a free estimate.

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