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Repair and installation of French Drains

Since the creation of our Company, we have specialized in repairs and installation of French Drains. Whether you’re from the Montérégie area, Montreal,Vercheres,St-Jean-sur-Richelieu or Chateauguay, ADJA is the specialist to contact when it comes to French Drains.

A French Drain is a drainage pipe installed at the footing of the foundation of a house or building. Its purpose is to evacuate the excess water accumulated in the ground. Problems related to water drainage at this particular spot are one of the most widespread, hidden problems when buying property. Drains are one of the most important things to the stability of any building; therefore, it is very important to make sure they function well.
In the case where a French Drain is defective, blocked or non-existent, the entire building becomes fragile. Water can infiltrate the building and cause important damage to the structure, such as, destruction of concrete and development of bacteria and mould. To know if your French Drain is blocked or defective, you can check your basement floor to see if it is often wet. You can also check if water infiltrates the basement or garage on rainy days. Our experts can do a more in- depth inspection, with the help of cameras designed for this purpose, to determine if there is a problem with the French Drain.


Call ADJA Mini Excavation for installation and repairs of your French Drains. We will meet your needs with the services we offer at a competitive price and we guarantee you results that will meet your highest expectations. We will first evaluate your needs, and then propose the necessary services for the job to be done, in particular, excavation on your property.

We can also install a catch basin, the insulation necessary and a surface drain for your home. For waterproofing, our team uses hydrofuge membrane and/or self adjusting, high density polyethylene membrane. We also install Platon membranes (Membrane Delta MS). See photos.

For more information about the services offered by ADJA Mini Excavation, please visit the appropriate page. Do not hesitate to contact us about the services we offer or to get a free estimate by one of our experts. It will be our pleasure to answer all your questions and give you advice.

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