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Aqueduct repairs and sewer replacement

Call the specialists of ADJA Mini Excavation for aqueduct repairs, sewer replacement or for work on any water inlet. We will meet all your needs with the services we offer at a competitive price. We guarantee you great results that will meet your highest expectations. You can count on us.

If your sewer or aqueduct system is broken, it is very important that repair or replacement be done immediately. If one of these two systems is defective, there will be inconveniences, such as, unusual, nauseous odours coming from toilets and slow drainage of water used (bath tubs, sinks, toilets) or an overflow of water used, coming from the basement or garage.
First we will do an inspection, with the help of cameras designed for this purpose, to determine what the problems are. We will then propose the necessary services to repair the aqueduct, water inlet or sewer, including excavation.

For more information on our small excavation projects, please visit the appropriate page. It is extremely important to call a company who specializes in aqueduct repairs and sewer replacement, such as, ADJA Mini Excavation, for a job well done according to the standards set. Our time delay is quite reasonable and we do high quality Jobs. If you reside in the Montérégie area, Montreal, Vercheres, St-Jean-sur-Richelieu or Chateauguay, please contact us to get a free estimate on aqueduct repairs and sewage replacement. It will be a pleasure for us to help you.

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