Mini Excavation

Would you like work done in difficult locations, areas where access is difficult, between two trees, or any other problem areas? ADJA Mini Excavation, with its highly skilled workers, is able to help you meet those challenges.
ADJA is a company designated to successfully complete all kinds of small excavation projects, whether it is land clearing for a cedar plantation, a drainage trench or for a house extension. For more information on services offered for French drains, please visit the appropriate page.

All our small excavation projects are carried out professionally and safety standards are always followed. Our specialists will first inspect the property to be certain that work done will not cause any damage to electric cables, gas pipelines, television cables and other underground installations.
The ADJA Mini Excavation team has the expertise, equipment and experience to help you accomplish all excavation projects on your property.

For installation of window wells, for concrete or cement work, our experienced team knows how to meet your needs at a competitive price. We can also help you with installation of cement curbs and sidewalks, installation of Sonotube, demolition projects or ground preparation for construction. Whether it is a planned project or an emergency intervention, our experts are ready and able to help you.

The small excavation projects proposed by our company are always done according to safety standards set. Work is done in a reasonable time delay and follows the highest quality in the industry. If you reside in the Montérégie area, Montreal, Vercheres,St-Jean-sur-Richelieu or Chateauguay, please don’t hesitate to give us a call for a free estimate by one of our experts. It will be a great pleasure to help you.




Our services

  • Mini Excavation
  • French Drains
  • Crack Repair
  • Polymer injection
  • Aqueduct repairs and sewer
  • Elastomer

Registered and Licensed
Identification number:     ATCQ A02-13199
Licence number:     RBQ 8255-1938-00